Tips for organizing a event

A successful event starts with timely planning which should not be left to the last minute in any circumstances. An early plan helps avoid unpleasant surprises later, enabling us to consider any special requests and find the best solution in terms of food and beverage as well as any additional supplies.

Submitting your menu enquiry, always include as much information as possible. The enquiry should definitely include the time, duration and number of guests of the event.

Information concerning the nature of the event is also important – is it a seminar, reception, birthday, or a wedding? Also, your enquiry should specify the type of menu you are looking for – snacks/hors d’oeuvres, cold or warm dishes, or something else altogether. Ordering your food, remember that different guests have different preferences.

  • As we also provide all-inclusive solutions, feel free to ask any additional questions. Our services are not limited to food and drink menus only. Enquire about anything from required supplies (tableware, tables, chairs, tent etc.) to decorations and event venues.
  • Budgeting your party, keep in mind that the budget will often include more than just the price of food and drinks. If you want to add service staff, chairs, tables, flower arrangements or other items to your food menu, all of this will be reflected in the total payable amount. If you have a certain budget that you do not wish to exceed, that information should also be included in your enquiry so as to find the best solution that adheres to your available means.